11th Annual GCI – RESULTS!

The competition was fierce, the butter was melted and the sun was hot.  We had many winners but in the end, there can be only one Grilled Cheese Champion

The Grilled Cheese Champion

Luck McNulty  – “The Recumbent Vicar”

 Spaz Award

Jennifer Vela – “Neapolitan Blown Apart”

 People’s Choice Award

1st Place – The Grilled Cheese Truck

2nd Place – Elbows Mac & Cheese

3rd Place – Trailer Park Truck

 Love, American Style Category – White Bread, Orange Cheese & Butter


1st Place – Taylor Henderson – “Totes MaGoates”

Raw toast, butter, orange cheese

2nd Place – Rudi Samonte –  “Cheddar Squared”

Cheddar Cheese, white bread & Butter

3rd Place – Marie Cammack – “Inside Out and Bustin’ Out”

White bread, butter, sharp cheddar, extra sharp cheddar and American.


1st Place – Greg Paul of The Oaks Gourmet – “Powder Finger”

Homemade Extra Sharp American melted and powdered on pan di mie.

Missionary Category – Any Type of Bread, butter and cheese


1st Place – Luck McNulty “The Recumbent Vicar”

A combination of seven different cheeses

2nd Place – Jeff Bernal – “El Hefe!”

Cheddar, American, Parmesan & Butter on Sourdough

3rd Place – Aaron Gariepy – “Uncle Jesse”

Private Recipe


1st Place – Michael Davidson – “The Legend”

Cabot Aged White Cheddar, Orange Cheddar, Mozzarella & Spring Hill Farms butter on Acme bread

2nd Place – Erik Kelley “Ma Che Bella Piato di Ravioli”

Private recipe

3rd Place – Paul Inserra “De-Lish”

Muenster Cheese, Guglhupf’s Pumpkin seed cheddar bread and butter

Kama Sutra Category – Any type of bread, butter and cheese PLUS additional ingredients – savory


1st Place – Jenny Harrison – “And on the 8th Day, the Lord Created Grilled Cheese” RAMEN

Japanese White Bread, VEGAN Jalapeno Garlic Havarti Cheese, Ramen, Sriracha Broth Reduction Sauce

2nd Place – Rebecca Shergill – “P*rk Brie Baby One More Thyme”

Sourdough Bread, Brie Cheese, Thyme, butter, Candied Bacon, Apple/Maple Glazed Ham, Arugula pesto, Jalapeno Apple Chutney and Garlic Confit

3rd Place – Aften Detwiler – “Beer Smothered Clucker”

Pulled Beer Can Chicken, IPA Cheddar, Heirloom Tomato, Braised Kale on Homemade Beer Bread served with homemade honey mustard


1st Place – Lou Dave – “Potsticker Meltz’

Bread, Cheese, Pork, Green Onion, Sriracha and wontons

2nd Place – Jennifer Vela – “Put Some South In Your Mouth”

Sweet Potato Bread, Fontina, Cheddar, Grits, Virginia Ham and Peach & Pepper Jam

3rd Place – Albert Lara-Rodriguez – “Bacon Butter Crunch”

Organic White Cheddar Cheese with Guacamole, tomatoes & bacon butter on Sourdough Bread


Honey Pot Category – Any type of bread, butter and cheese PLUS additional ingredients – savory


1st Place – Joe Harkenrider – “The Napoleon Fromage Homage”

French bread, French toast, butter, American cheese, fudge blueberry cheddar cheese, blue berries, Fontina cheese, powder sugar and a side of maple syrup garnish.

2nd Place – Laura Caccavo – “Birthday Cake Martini”

Funfetti challah, mayo, honey goat cheese, blue cheese, extra sharp cheddar, American cheese, confetti cookie crumbles icing and vodka spray

3rd Place – Matthew LaForest – “Hell’s Angels”

Angel Food Cake, Kiwis, Cream Cheese, Mascarpone, Dark Rum and some kind of vanilla booze


1st Place – Jennifer Vela – “Neapolitan Blown Apart”

Chocolate Wafer, Dark Chocolate Pop Rock Ganache, Chocolate Cream Cheese, Raspberry Chevre Vanilla Bean Mascarpone, Berry Balsamic Sauce

2nd Place – Michael Marrone – “Hard on the Outside 2.0”

Coffeegrind & Lavender Cheddar plus thick-cut, dark chocolate covered bacon on Crème Brulee’d Sourdough

3rd Place – Rick Webster – “Borracho Figs & Cheese”

Spanish bread with Figs in a brand sauce, a variety of Spanish cheeses and topped with pine nuts.

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The Grilled Cheese Invitational (GCI) is the largest, craziest, and most exciting Grilled Cheese cooking contest in the country and is the best thing to happen to sliced cheese since sliced bread! The GCI promotes an almost scary pursuit of perfection in a Grilled Cheese Sammich and allows for amateur and professional chefs to compete side-by-side in the hopes of becoming a true Grilled Cheese Champion.

The event was created by Tim Walker in 2003, in an artist loft in Downtown Los Angeles as a competition between friends and since then, has grown into a national movement dedicated to perfecting the art of grilled cheese, with thousands of cheese fiends and regional competitions across the country.